Bold and wide lined stationery 

The Partially Sighted Society has been producing bold and wide lined stationery since the 1970’s to individuals, schools and other educational organisations around the UK and wider.  The busy print room is situated at the rear of our premises in Doncaster and Print Manager, Andre Plant, is always happy to advise on the products we print.

Our stationery is printed in a variety of formats with lines spaced at either 10mm or 15mm and coded accordingly.  Squared paper is available with 10mm or 15mm squares.

All our standard stationery shown in our catalogue below can be produced in different coloured covers or different coloured paper and/or different sized lines and squares.  These are called ‘Specials’ and we ask that anyone sending an order in via fax or email state that it is a Special.  All specials are printed to order which incurs a slightly higher cost per book. Standard stock are printed on white paper with standard colour covers.

There is no minimum or maximum required when ordering any of our books.

Summer 2018 Stationery Catalogue