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Mission Statement

The Partially Sighted Society provides information, advice, training, magnifiers and electronic low vision aids and clear print material for anybody with a visual impairment to help them to make the best use of their remaining sight.

About us

The Partially Sighted Society (PSS) was originally established in the early 1970’s and has moved with the times as support, technology and opportunities for people with a visual impairment has evolved and improved over the last decades.

We supply many paid for services that, together with donations and legacies, allow us to fulfil our charitable commitments to provide free Enhanced Low Vision Assessments, free information and support (face to face or via telephone) for anyone with any kind of visual impairment.

We are also a registered NHS Eye Test Centre and anyone can book an appointment with our part time Optometrist with the knowledge that you will not be given a hard sell on glasses, as we do not dispense, but you can take your prescription and choose where you want to buy your glasses.

Our Eye test clinic is particularly ideal for those who struggle in busy waiting rooms and do not like being moved from one place to another, such as people with learning disabilities or those with dementia who are easily confused, our waiting area is never busy and we have supportive, caring staff.

Other services from our Doncaster based sight centre include:

  • Fully-equipped drop-in resource centre with a wide variety of low vision aids including talking watches and aids to daily living, up-to-date technology, daylight lighting solutions, large print stationery etc.
  • In-house design and printing service which produces a variety of stationery products for people with a visual impairment
  • Suppliers of heavily lined stationery to schools, academies and other educational establishments
  • Ecommerce website and mail-order service
  • Support group and other social and information groups and events
  • Visual Impairment Awareness training courses for carers and other professionals
  • Signposting and support for other issues that may be affecting your daily life
  • Training on specialised computer packages designed for people with a visual impairment

The Shaded Eye

The PSS developed and promoted the Symbol of Visual Disability, commonly known as the Shaded Eye, which is now internationally recognised as the symbol of visual disability. This symbol has been incorporated into a variety of products to help identify the wearer as being sight impaired.

The Shaded Eye logo

Become a Friend of PSS

There are many ways you can support PSS to ensure that we continue to provide the essential free services we do for people with a visual impairment and becoming a Friend of PSS is just one of these. More information about our Friends scheme can be find in our Donations page.


Please call 01302 965195 for further information or email reception@partsight.org.uk for further information or to book an assessment or eye test